About Us

Dopamine was born from a dream with the vision that “being you” is the most important thing you can do for your mental and spiritual development. You know who you are, let it show and let it be! Let the world see glimpses of your passion, happiness, and authority. Then let those vibrations release the dopamine inside of you to supercharge your existence.

Our founders own identity was challenged as she fled the totalitarian rule in Venezuala and arrived in the United States with a future unclear but with a bag full of exciting ideas and dreams waiting to come true. Here in the United States, she embodies all of the spirit of the freedom by expressing herself and being true to her “being”.

Dare to be unique, dare to be you, dare to let dopamine run rampantly in your bloodstream and charge your life with positive vibes. Being you is more important than ever, a special being with a personality to share with the world!